Monday, November 23, 2009


Need for Speed SHIFT (NFS S) - One more racing game of the famous NFS series release by EA Sports..
Play it for a while, man~ this totally give me sucks..What so great about this new NFS game..Maybe NFS producer dont have any brilliant/creative idea anymore..If we take a close look, this game is only the update version of Need For Seed Pro Streets (NFS PS)
And here i think NFS PS more better than NFS S..

This two game have same concept, LEGAL RACING!!
There no more town explore ownself, no more cops chasing..The cops chasing is the best part of NFS series..They should add more cops chasing in their game to make the game more interesting, so it means ILLEGAL RACING ( and more sexy mexy chicks ^^)..
Well, the improvement that i can see in NFS S is the crush effect..It seem more realistic in this game (more more realistic if u play in driver view ^^)
Out of 10, i can give only 6/10 for NFS S..

It still that Need For Speed Most Wanted my favorite game of NFS series \(^o^)/