Friday, January 30, 2009

Devil May Cry 4

Last Monday, I have bought 3 new dvd-games (pirate of Caribbean). Out of 3, I only finish play DMC4 yesterday, and the game was awesome from the previous DMC series (I just starting to play DMC3, not plat yet DMC and DMC2 coz' no PC release I think). With the appearance of DMC new hero named Nero, the game become more intereasting (Nero devil-arms for grabbing purpose is so cool, make me like to play Nero more than Dante). Out of all girls in DMC4 (I think there only 3 girls), Lady is the most I like. She is more sexy than in DMC3 (and she mine :D).

Lady (mine)

Lady (also mine)

Another 2 games that I bought are:

Graphic so awesome and cool and it can be played by 2 player at one time

I don't know why I bought this game coz' I can't play long First Person Shooting game
(me x FPS = Sucks!!)
X smpai 1/2 jam aku main game nih, dh pening kepala aku :(
Bg adik aku jer la abiskan game nih :D

Maybe it will take sometime (or more time) to finish play all 3 games coz' I need to work on my thesis also (no progress yet so far XD)
Lastly, ENJOY!!

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